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Bed Bug Heater Rental in Dallas, Texas

Do it Yourself! Portable Bed Bug Heater Packages starting at $159 per day plus delivery!


Bed Bug Heater Treatment Dallas

The Elite 4 Bed Bug Heater is a powerful state of the art All In One Heater and Fan Combo. This compact, light, and simple to use heater and fan combo can treat up to 400 sq. feet. Perfect for the DIY-er wanting to get rid of bed bugs in a bedroom or commercial unit.

  • The built in fan gives the Elite 4 Electric Bed Bug Heater the highest heat transfer in its class.
  • Most inexpensive package.
  • Additional electrical cords and digital thermometer included.
  • Treats up to 400 sq. feet.
  • Built-in digital thermostat control is pre-set at 132F to get you in the kill zone and then keep you there for enhanced performance while heating for bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Delivery not included.

Heater Packages Include: DIY 400 | DIY 500 | DIY 600 | DIY 800

Bed Bug Heater Treatment Dallas

Why Rent Heaters?

If you are looking for something to kill bed bugs, heat is the most effective way to kill these unwanted pests. Heat treatments are environmentally friendly, non-toxic applications of heat that can be applied to specific areas as well as entire structures. Rent bed bug heaters. Kill bed bugs.

Save money and kill bed bugs yourself by renting professional bed bug heaters from Bed Bug Heaters Dallas. We offer the same heaters the professionals use every day. Don’t spend thousands on exterminators… Do It Yourself!

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