There is a benefit to using natural heat and it is the most effective method for eliminating bed bugs. We use heat to kill bed bugs (and eggs) without damaging furniture or bedding. We do not use heavy chemicals in your home. Heat is safe. Your home will be heated to temperatures ranging from 120-140 degrees. This temperature range is a manageable non- flammable level. Our advanced heat treatment can be 99% effective with just one treatment. Our skilled rental representatives will answer all of your questions along the way so you can sleep soundly again..

Homeowners are given a list of pre-service preparations for added safety measures and to ensure effectiveness.

Bed bug heat treatment is the best way to remove bed bugs and cost savings are more than a dollar figure:

Bed Bug Rental

Heater Packages Include: DIY 400 | DIY 600 | DIY 800

  • What is the delivery fee?
  • How long does bedbug treatment last?
  • How hot does it need to be to kill bedbugs?
  • I'm concerned with using heat. How hot will my treatment area get?
  • How difficult will it be to prepare for heat treatment?
  • What will I need to do with my furniture?
  • What chemicals should I be aware of?
  • What should I do once treatment is completed?
  • How much will this cost?

$79 up to a 30 miles radius from downtown Dallas. Additional fees may be required beyond the delivery zone.

Killing bedbugs with one treatment is normal when done correctly.  Treatment time will depend on the configuration of the home, apartment, or business.  Typical treatment using heat can last anywhere from 8hrs  - 12hrs.

Bedbugs and eggs die at temperatures ranging from 113-122 degrees.

There are many ways to kill bedbugs but heat is the most effective way to kill bedbugs. To give some perspective on how hot the treatment area will get, here is an example: On a sunny day of 70 degrees outside, a parked car in the sun with the windows rolled up will reach temperatures of 104-113 degrees in a couple of hours. If the temperature increase to 80 degrees outside under the same circumstances, the temperatures in the car will range from 130-172 degrees. Our temperature recommendations to treat range from 120-140 degrees.

Preparation can be completed in several hours not days.  Ultimately, this will depend on the amount of items that are in the treatment area.  Less clutter will lead to a higher probability of killing all the bedbugs in one treatment. 

Nothing.  We recommend leaving all furniture in the room.  There is no need to throw away any furniture.  Special circumstances may require furniture to be relocated to a smaller room to maximize effectiveness.

No chemical will be used throughout the process.  Heat treatment is safe and effective. You, your family and pets will not need to leave the home at anytime.

Once treatment is complete, we recommend bagging all clothes and bedding in the treatment area and transporting them to a washing machine.  Wash in hot water and then dry on high heat.  Vacuum and dust all treatment areas .

Treatment cost vary based on certain factors. Complete eradication can be achieved with a heat treatment for bed bugs with just one service.  On rare instances, more than one service may be advisable.  Cost associated with multiple treatments are typically extremely affordable in comparison to other methods.