Common Mistakes People Make When Dealing With Bed Bugs

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Dealing with bed bugs can be stressful and overwhelming, as killing bed bugs is not an easy task. They are immune to many sprays, cleaning agents, and other methods that promise to get rid of bugs. If you’ve failed at eliminating bed bugs from your home even after trying several remedies and treatments, it may be because you’re unknowingly committing a few mistakes. To avoid these errors and get a bug-free home, it’s best to hire bed bug heater rental services.

A bed bug heater rental service provider will give you access to environmentally friendly, non-toxic heaters that’ll help you kill bed bugs in the fastest and most effective way. They’ll also help you steer clear of mistakes by educating you on how to use heat treatment correctly. To help you avoid any errors in the process of bed bug heater treatment, Bed Bug Heaters Dallas has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when dealing with bed bugs.

1. Using an indoor fogger
A common mistake people make when they discover bed bugs is using an indoor fogger. People may choose this option because of the cost. Foggers for bed bugs may drive them into crevices and other hard to treat spaces. If any type of chemical is needed to treat, this option should be used as a residual method after heat treatment.

2. Not eliminating clutter
Another common mistake a person can make when dealing with bed bugs is not eliminating clutter in their living space. This mistake can develop at a gradual pace over a period of time and become difficult to manage because of the number of items and their value. Removal of clutter is one of the major determining success factors when eliminating bed bugs using heat treatment. If an item has not been used in a year, consider removing it from the treatment area.

3. Buying second-hand furniture
A person may purchase, accept, or pick up second-hand furniture due to financial reasons. There have been many occasions when quality furniture has been discounted or thrown out because of bed bugs issues, and the owner has not disclosed this information. If a person takes the furniture without carefully inspecting it, there is a strong possibility that the bed bug problem will now become their problem. If a person does decide to buy furniture second hand or take furniture that is discarded, a very thorough inspection of bed bugs must be done before bringing into your car or home.

4. Moving to get away from bed bugs
People make this mistake because of unsuccessful attempts at eliminating bed bugs without the aid of a pest control professional. If a person decides to move, all items that will be kept need to be treated for bed bugs. If no means of treatment is elected to be used, bed bugs will travel to your new resident via your furniture, clothes, etc. Before deciding to move, treating your belongings using heat will be the most effective. Any items that can be laundered need to be placed in a bag and washed in hot water and dried on high setting. If possible, cover box springs and mattresses in bed bug proof encasements. When moving, each person that helps will need to place all of their clothing and shoes in bags to be laundered. Try to discard any items or furniture that are non-essential.

5. Not inspecting their hotel room when traveling
Another common mistake we’ve seen people make is not thoroughly inspecting their hotel room when traveling. This can easily happen because once a person arrives at their hotel room, their luggage gets placed on the bed or the floor. Depending on the length of stay, clothing may be placed in drawers. Bed bugs will want to be close to their food source, which is humans. Since hotels are constantly occupied with people coming and going, this is a perfect habitat for bed bugs. Once bed bugs attach to the belongings of a person, it can be easily transported from the hotel to the person’s home. Then the possibility of an infestation in the home increases. To decrease the chances of this occurring, you can follow some simple steps like thoroughly inspecting the whole room, keeping luggage on the luggage rack or placing luggage in the bathroom, checking the bed, headboard, bed frame, mattresses, box spring, sheets, and blankets. Don’t just focus on living bed bugs but also look for signs of bed bugs.

To avoid these and other mistakes when dealing with bed bugs, reach out to the experts at Bed Bug Heaters Dallas. We rent industry-standard bed bug heaters that will effectively help you in getting rid of bed bugs and their eggs at affordable rates. We offer four types of heater packages so that you can select a package that suits your needs. We will assist you with the entire process, right from bringing the equipment to your home or apartment to teaching you how to operate the heater and monitor the temperatures to picking up the equipment at the scheduled time. We serve across Dallas County, Tarrant County, Denton County, Parker County, Wise County, Collin County, Ellis County, Rockwall County, Kaufman County, Johnson County.

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